The Leavitt Brothers Trading List

The market continues to do great and give us a steady stream of solid trading candidates. If you’re in the right stocks, it’s been relatively easy.

Here is the Leavitt Brothers trading list as of Friday’s close…and this does not include today, which, in many cases, added to the gains. And, of course, many new ideas were added this weekend. Subscribe to Leavitt Brothers research.

5 thoughts on “The Leavitt Brothers Trading List

  1. Looking to sign up for your service – question for you.

    In the full service – do you also list buy stops (short) or sell stops (long) if the stock moves against you? Also, the stocks you list – these are ones that are ideas to get in “now” and not waiting for a move to a price (up or down) to verify?

    Let me know and thank you.

    1. Hi John. We don’t hold traders’ hands. We don’t tell you exact what to do and when to do it. We profile what we consider to be the best setups, but we expect you to funnel them through your trading system and work out the exact details. If you’re looking for a service that tells you exactly what to do, LB is not for you. There’s a lot to be gained here – take a free trial and see for yourself if we’re for you.

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