Can Semiconductors Lead the Market Higher?

Semiconductor stocks have lagged. In fact, it’s probably the top reason the market hasn’t been able to bust out and run. But, partially thanks to AI, several are much improved. Here are the best-acting and most tradable stocks from the group. The market may not run up, but there’s enough strength here to put a […]

The Internals Don’t Support a Move Higher

The market is doing moderately well. The S&P and Nas are near multimonth highs, and the Russell 2000 is basing. All are positioned to break out and attempt to run higher. But breadth is lagging. Participation lately has not kept up with the progress from the indexes. Let’s dig into the numbers. How many stocks […]

A Look at the World Indexes

Let’s take a look around the world. What’s leading? What’s lagging? What are the notable developments? A perspective I’m using is: In the US, the market topped in late 2021…bottomed in June and then in October 2022…and has generally been trending up since. With this in mind, we can note what’s outperforming and underperforming. Asia/Pacific […]

An Abundance of Trading Opportunities

2023 has gotten off to a fast start. The market is acting great and offering an abundance of trading opportunities. This is the best environment we’ve seen since August, and maybe the best in over a year. Take advantage. Here are many of the setups we profiled for our subscribers at Leavitt Brothers. Subscribe to […]

Chinese Stocks are Leading the Market

Chinese stocks are leading the market. They’ve been leading and continue to do great (most of them). We’ve profiled several of these at Leavitt Brothers the last month. December was not a great month for the overall market, but as the old saying goes, there’s a bull market somewhere. And for the last month, it’s […]

The Predictive Ability of the First Day of the Year

The S&P 500 fell 0.40% on the first trading day of the year. Not horrible, but it wasn’t overly encouraging either. After starting with a moderate gap up and pushing a little higher during the opening minutes, sellers took over and drove prices down for several hours. The indexes bottomed during lunch and then moved […]

The Current Leavitt Brothers Trading List

At Leavitt Brothers, we turned bullish a couple weeks ago. The indexes were printing lower lows, but many stocks held their lows and were basing. Since the performance of individual names – and not the indexes or indicators – is our strongest and most reliable ‘tell,’ we turned bullish. At first there was some choppy […]