Comparing Market Tops: The Dot Com vs The Financial Crisis vs Today

The market is topping. These are long, drawn-out processes that often take upwards of two years to complete. Let’s compare the current topping process to the Dot Com top and Financial Crisis top. Here’s S&P 500 from 1999-2002. Even though ’99 was a great year, in hindsight, it was the start of the topping process. […]

Will China Lead the Next Leg of the Market’s Uptrend?

China stocks have been in the dumps since topping in February 2021. A combination of increased regulation and outright confiscation of assets from the Chinese government have dissuaded investors from accumulating shares, and in some cases, outright holding them in the first place. But this seems to be changing. As noted at Leavitt Brothers this […]

It’s Been a Great Trading Environment – Here are Some of our Trades

It’s been a fantastic couple weeks of trading. At Leavitt Brothers, we noticed the charts starting to turn and profiled many great setups that ultimately posted big gains. Here’s a summary – not an inclusive list. A key to making it in this industry is: take advantage of opportunities. We definitely did this at LB […]

Software Stocks are Getting Obliterated

Software stocks, which mostly posted massive gains last year because they were growing and were unaffected by the virus, have been in downtrends for several months. Now, many of them are taking out lows and well on their ways to doing complete round trips. For trading purposes, these stocks are off limits. This list also […]