The Internals Have Surged, Participation Has Broadened Out

After negatively diverging from the the S&P and Nasdaq, breadth surged last week. Let’s quickly run through a few charts. The 10, 20 and 50-day MAs of the NYSE AD line are trending up and are at 1-3 month highs. The cumulative AD line broke out and surged to a new high. The 10 and […]

The Conditions are Not Present to Repeat 2000-2003

There’s no shortage of gloom-and-doomers out there. Some are calling for a stiff bear market; others fully believe a Dot-Com-like crash is in the works. But for those of us who were active in the market in 2000, we know the current situation is vastly different than back then. The biggest difference is the types […]

Studies that Triggered in May Point to Higher Prices Well into 2025

May is the first month of the “worst 6 months of the year,” and history says if the month does well, it bodes well for the rest of the year and into the following year. The S&P finished with a 4.8% gain, and several occurrences during the month triggered studies which not only point to […]

What’s Going on with Software Stocks?

The market has been iffy lately. Despite Friday’s vertical afternoon rally, the indexes are mostly unchanged going back a few months. It seems like everyone it talking about gold and silver and other commodities. And, of course, NVDA and AI are a hot topic. And quants have pumped out many studies pointing to higher price […]

Numerous Studies Point to Higher Prices 6, 9 and 12 Months from Now

March is over, so we got the end of the month and quarter at the same time. With this, numerous studies completed and triggered that look out to next month and the rest of the year. Let’s go through some. History doesn’t always repeat, but if conditions point to high odds of gains, we’d be […]

A Summary of Bitcoin Stocks

Bitcoin stocks are hot. I’ve profiled them at Leavitt Brothers, on our blog and in videos posted on YouTube. The goal here is to summarize my top ideas. Let’s set the stage first. Here’s a comparison of seven asset classes, which are: bitcoin, commodities, bonds, high-yield bonds, domestic stocks (S&P 500), emerging markets and gold. […]

Bad Breadth is Everywhere

On the surface, the market is doing great. Several indexes have printed new highs recently, and tech is leading the charge. But beneath the surface, the market is thin. Participation is not good. The market gains are not supported. The advance-decline line leans down; the high-low on various lookback periods are trending lower; and stocks […]