Numerous Studies Point to Higher Prices 6, 9 and 12 Months from Now

March is over, so we got the end of the month and quarter at the same time. With this, numerous studies completed and triggered that look out to next month and the rest of the year. Let’s go through some. History doesn’t always repeat, but if conditions point to high odds of gains, we’d be […]

A Summary of Bitcoin Stocks

Bitcoin stocks are hot. I’ve profiled them at Leavitt Brothers, on our blog and in videos posted on YouTube. The goal here is to summarize my top ideas. Let’s set the stage first. Here’s a comparison of seven asset classes, which are: bitcoin, commodities, bonds, high-yield bonds, domestic stocks (S&P 500), emerging markets and gold. […]

Bad Breadth is Everywhere

On the surface, the market is doing great. Several indexes have printed new highs recently, and tech is leading the charge. But beneath the surface, the market is thin. Participation is not good. The market gains are not supported. The advance-decline line leans down; the high-low on various lookback periods are trending lower; and stocks […]

Is the Market’s Strength Thin or Broad-Based?

There’s lots of talk about the top 7 tech stocks (AAPL, MSFT, GOOGL, META, AMZN, TSLA, NVDA) being responsible for most of the market’s gains…and therefore we should not get overly excited about the forward prospects. Given that we don’t want to accept the things we hear, let’s check out the broad industry groups to […]

This is Every Stock on the Leavitt Brothers Trading List

Hello traders. This is every stock on the Leavitt Brothers trading list as of today’s open. Shorts dried up a few weeks ago, and longs started appearing. It’s been a good couple weeks. And this doesn’t include ideas that were put on our message board during the day by me or by LB members…or stocks […]

Housing Stocks are Topping

The housing market is finally topping. High prices and high rates could coexist for only so long. Residential construction stocks are breaking down from tops and in most cases, are trading below down-sloping moving averages. Support companies, such as HD and LOW are heading south. Most building supplier stocks are trending down. And the net […]

Random Musings about the Current Market

The following were my opening comments in the Leavitt Brothers weekly report. Whatever the market’s ultimate plan is, all traders will be tested. No one will get a clear path to operate on. If the market ultimately goes up, there will be enough drops and enough sideways periods to cause doubt and discomfort among the […]

Lack of Big Up and Down Days are a Sign of a Strong Market

A point I’ve made dozens of times over the years is: The market moves up on low or declining volatility and down on high or increasing volatility. Volatility can be measured in several ways. Some use the VIX. There’s also meaning behind the put-call ratio. I prefer the average true range because it’s a simple […]

Can Semiconductors Lead the Market Higher?

Semiconductor stocks have lagged. In fact, it’s probably the top reason the market hasn’t been able to bust out and run. But, partially thanks to AI, several are much improved. Here are the best-acting and most tradable stocks from the group. The market may not run up, but there’s enough strength here to put a […]