False Breakouts Everywhere

Despite the Dow, S&P 500, S&P 400 and Nas 100 hitting new highs recently, the market doesn’t feel right. Many previous winners have suffered big losses, and there have been numerous false breakouts.

I talk about recognizing the market’s health and being in sync with the market in my masterclass.

Here are some examples of false moves. This is the market we’re dealing with. Make note. You can’t force January trades onto a market that has obviously changed.

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Jason Leavitt

2 thoughts on “False Breakouts Everywhere

  1. Totally agree. Good eye. I think algos have been running up candidates for shorting.
    Earnings are going to be interesting.

  2. Nice report. I have to remind myself do not force trades. If you keep a log as I do and review it most bad trades are forced.

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