Spectacular Round Trips are Everywhere

There have been some spectacular round trips the last year. That’s when a stock goes on a huge run…only to give it all back. And these are not low-quality stocks – many are established companies that have been in business for 15+ years. This is a small sampling; there are well over 1000 of these charts where stocks posted giant gains – often several hundred percent – only to give it all back.

This is obviously not a recent thing.

Three months ago I did a YouTube video where I talked about how great companies will not recover.

Most of the Best Companies Will Not Recover for a Long Time, If They Ever Recover

And I followed it up with another video about what happened to the best stocks from the 1990’s.

What Happened to the Best Stocks from the 90’s

Here are some of those round trips. There are many more, and there will be many more going forward because this bear market is not even close to being over.

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