What’s Going on with Software Stocks?

The market has been iffy lately. Despite Friday’s vertical afternoon rally, the indexes are mostly unchanged going back a few months.

It seems like everyone it talking about gold and silver and other commodities.

And, of course, NVDA and AI are a hot topic.

And quants have pumped out many studies pointing to higher price the rest of the year and well into next year.

But no one is talking about software, which has very quietly – or not so quietly if you’re paying attention – taken some big hits.

This is not a complete list. I didn’t have to look hard or far to find examples of what’s going on in the group. The questions are: why and does it matter?

This isn’t a small or insignificant group. It’s huge. It IS tech. And it’s screaming trouble.

Is there a simple explanation? Does it matter? I don’t have answers, but my instincts tell me to not ignore this.

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