Software Stocks are Getting Obliterated

Software stocks, which mostly posted massive gains last year because they were growing and were unaffected by the virus, have been in downtrends for several months. Now, many of them are taking out lows and well on their ways to doing complete round trips. For trading purposes, these stocks are off limits. This list also serves as a reminder to never entirely trust a stock no matter how well it’s treated you in the past. Trade ’em; don’t marry ’em.

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2 thoughts on “Software Stocks are Getting Obliterated

  1. And beware of the Ark Invest reverse effect too. The virtuous circle that propelled those stocks higher from the retail following Ark Invest, Cathy Wood, is working now in the other direction; selling the ETF begets selling the stocks, putting pressure on the ETFs, which must sell more stocks….

  2. This is a reminder that you should never become enamored with one sector. What is hot now won’t be hot forever, so you need to constantly be on the lookout for sector rotation.

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